Pisces 2020 Love Horoscope

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Neither your 11th House of Friendship nor your 7th House of Love and Romance are powerful this year, Pisces.

Thus these issues are not important to you now – nowhere near as important as family and career are. (Health, too, should be made a priority over your social life.)

The status quo will tend to prevail. Singles will tend to remain single, marrieds will tend to remain married.

There is great personal freedom in your love life, and those of you who are motivated can shape this area as you please. The problem is lack of interest and your numerous other priorities.

But there will be social fun for singles. Jupiter moves into your 5th House of Love Affairs on July 13th, inaugurating a period of fun, entertainments and romantic opportunities.

You deserve it. Life seems much too serious for the first half of the year and you deserve a break. Having fun, as we mentioned, is also good for your health.

These romantic opportunities don’t look like serious, long-term romance. They are purely of the ‘fun and games’ variety and you should enjoy them for what they are.

Many of the loves (and there can be many) are of high social status or people of power, either politically or in the corporate world. There could be a fling with a boss/employee.

You find romance as you pursue your career objectives. Office parties or retreats are also likely meeting grounds. People who can help your career are particularly alluring.

The best romantic periods this year will be January 3rd to February 6th and August 14th to October 15th.

Those looking towards a second marriage need to be patient. Those involved in a second marriage are having a crisis. The relationship seems stormy and tumultuous.

Those working towards a third marriage meet with good opportunities this year – there is someone older, more established in your life – someone you perhaps knew a long time ago – an old flame or someone who lives close to home.

The marriage of your parents or parental figures is stormy and in crisis. Likewise with a sibling.

Those of you with children of marriageable age could see a wedding this year – though this is not a smooth ride and there will be many ups and downs.

The love life of grandchildren of marriageable age is improving, but the status quo will probably prevail.

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