Pisces 2018 Love Horoscope

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As mentioned, Jupiter’s transit through your 7th House of Love and Marriage is showing great social expansion, a good (and profitable) social life and marriage or marriage opportunities in the year ahead.
Marriage or a serious relationship is definitely there for you, but the question is whether it is advisable. Uranus in your 1st House is definitely complicating your social life. For it gives great urges for ‘personal freedom’. It gives a dislike for commitment. And often it makes the personal and social life unstable. Hard to manage a serious relationship if you are never in one place for too long and don’t know where you’ll be from month to month or week to week.
Difficult to manage a serious relationship when you are constantly changing your image and self-definition, and upgrading to new and better models of you. The partner might have fallen in love with one version, but then finds that he or she is very soon dealing with a whole other version!
In many cases, this will indicate serial love affairs – but serious ones. In other cases, it will show one relationship but with many ups and downs. Those involved romantically with a Pisces should expect much change – but also much excitement.
In many cases, these contradictory tendencies (personal freedom, breaking out and the desire for a serious relationship) are showing the end of one long-term relationship and the beginning of a new one.
Difficult choices have to be made this year. Do you opt for personal freedom and let go of your career? Do you let go of committed love?
Or perhaps you will choose career and love and let go of some personal freedom.
This year, you are mixing with the high and the mighty – with people of prestige and power, with people who are above you in social or professional status. In fact, your new relationship seems to be with someone very prominent – could be a boss at work or someone high on the social scale.
You are allured romantically by people of wealth and power – people who can help your career and finances. Marriage could be seen as a ‘career move’ in the year ahead – a short cut to the top.
Since Mercury is your Love Planet, and he is very fast- moving, romance and romantic opportunity can come to you in a variety of ways and means – it all depends where Mercury is on any given day, and the kinds of aspects that
he receives. We will cover these short-term trends in the month-by-month forecasts.
Though you will have friends and be involved with friends in the coming year, this is not your main focus – love and romance are the main interests.
Those involved in a second marriage or who are working towards a second marriage are experiencing crisis in their relationship. The issues behind the crisis are as described – personal freedom versus career and commitment.
Those into or working towards a third marriage have an easier time. But things are more status quo. Marrieds will stay married and singles will stay single.
The marriage of parent or parent figures seems in crisis. But this has been going on for a long time.
Children of marriageable age can hear wedding bells this year. Someone from a good and old family is chasing them. Love pursues them.
Grandchildren of marriageable age have a status-quo year.

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Pisces 2018 Love Horoscope
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