Pisces 2019 Love Horoscope

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Love issues are not particularly important this year, and I expect that the status quo will prevail. Singles will tend to remain single and married people will remain married. Of course you will still have a social life, but your heart is not really in it. Many other issues take priority now.

The 22nd August to 23rd September is probably your most powerful and active social period this year. The 30th May to 7th August brings a hot romance which has many ups and downs, stops and gos. A very confusing situation. It's doubtful whether this will lead to anything serious -though your unique personal horoscope (based on your precise date and time of birth) could modify this.

Jupiter's conjunction with Saturn in May and June brings new and powerful friends into the life - these seem involved with your career and are not romantic in nature. You meet them in your neighbourhood or through an introduction made by siblings.

Mercury is your Love Planet and its movements and aspects will indicate the day-to-day fluctuations and trends in love. When it is moving forward quickly there is great social confidence and progress. When it goes retrograde (three times this year: from 21st February — 14th March, 23rd June - 17th July, and 18th October - 8th November) your social confidence is weaker and your judgement is not as sound.

Relationships seem to go backwards instead of forwards. Mercury's position and aspects will also play an unusual role in love. When it is well positioned and well aspected, love issues will go well and harmoniously. When it is poorly positioned and stressfully aspected, there will be conflicts or crises in love. But remember that Mercury is a fast-moving planet - moving through all the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in one year.

Therefore these events - for good or ill - are temporary, short-term things and not long-term trends. You should get neither too excited nor too depressed by these things. They pass quickly. Mercury's movements are covered more fully in the month-by-month forecasts, below.

Mercury's fleeting movements show that you have many and ever-changing needs and attitudes to love. You are fickle in this area. Someone who seemed to fit the bill last month might not next month - and thus you feel unfulfilled. The reverse is also true. Someone you may have spurned a month ago could look very alluring in another month. Good communication with your spouse, partner or lover can alleviate much confusion. A parent could marry this year, though the road is not a smooth one.

Adult children face crises in their marriage. Grandchildren of marriageable age are getting ready to tie the knot.

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