Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

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The first full moon this month falls on October 1 in the fiery, exciting sign of Aries. Take advantage of this spontaneous lunation to move ahead without thinking about it too much. Magical romantic moments don’t last long, Pisces. Overthinking your emotions could kill the vibe.

Love goddess Venus leaves her uneasiness behind as she switches signs from logical Virgo to graceful Libra on the twenty-seventh. It’s so much easier to create a romantic environment for love to thrive in now. Your ideal match is someone who complements your gentle, non-confrontational ways.

A blue moon arrives in steady Taurus on October 31, and it might be under this second full moon of the month that you find true love. Be willing to let go of something toxic from the past in order to accept a healthier situation in the future. You deserve forgiveness and the subsequent happiness it will bring.

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